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Golden Bons Best Food Shd Bhd is a Malaysian founded company. Golden Bons started its humble journey by operating in local night markets, casual restaurants before establishing its own manufacturing factory venturing into wholesale and end manufacturing production.

With more than 10 years of experience in the related field, Golden Bons have established itself as one of the leading manufacturing brands in the market. 

Golden Bons Best Food Sdn Bhd 成立于马来西亚, 打从夜市场经营,休闲餐厅再延伸至自设厂房, 生产批发零售在餐饮分销行业已有超过10年的经验,更是行业中的佼佼者。
  Golden Bons Founder, Mr Low incorporated Taiwan food specialties into the local market, by conducting extensive market research and product development, Mr Low have managed to develop the flavor which is suitable to all local taste buds and enjoyed by all ages.

We plan objective is to expand our reach to global F&B markets in the near future , with quality assurance in mind to match with global brand competitors.

创办人刘先生引入了台湾特色料理,经过秘制调配改良, 再将它本土化,成为街知巷闻老少皆宜的风味小食。 从而将这邻国特色本土风味的小食,推扩至国内和海外市 场。

更期待不久的将来可以扩充至国际平台上大显身手, 与国际品牌平分秋色。

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